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gtemplates has so far: - free photoshop templates And they are all happy!

This is like an unlimited bank account of free templates. Download any of the Photoshop Psd Templates for FREE. I have flyers, logos, covers, posters, brochures, layouts, pages, invitations, cards, tickets, pre-made artwork and many more.

A Template for Snoopy Fans

snoopy fans comics graphic download free psd photoshop templates everyday upload cartoons animated animation poster bubble

This template speaks for itself: let Snoopy sleep!

Everything is editable, even the text bubble, in case you are writing something larger or more. Snoopy fans won't be forgotten. I made this thinking of some people (or kids) that might still enjoy comics and could use one of these templates. See? It all comes to your help; whatever you need, you can have it. I try to approach different ideas and template concepts to satisfy even the most picky of you out there.

What's next? Mickey mouse maybe..(joking, but actually that seems like a good idea - future thoughts anyway)

download here
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