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gtemplates has so far: - free photoshop templates And they are all happy!

This is like an unlimited bank account of free templates. Download any of the Photoshop Psd Templates for FREE. I have flyers, logos, covers, posters, brochures, layouts, pages, invitations, cards, tickets, pre-made artwork and many more.

Santa Claus is coming to town! Merry Christmas

santa claus is coming to town, christmas eve, new year eve, snowball, snowman, white coat, free Christmas template photoshop, snowing, reindeer, snow text effects, holidays, wallpaper, poster, new year, 2008, happy merrySanta Claus is coming to town!
Everything on this photoshop psd template is editable. And it's all free. You can move Santa Claus around and the reindeer also.
You can replace the snow effect text with any text you want. Hey, you can even put your house as a background. Easy. The children will love it.

The effects are really nice on this one: the blizzard effect looks great, the lighting and shadowing are appropriate, the snowflakes are digitally made (therefore you can place the snowflakes from this template on any other picture or template), etc. Find out for yourself if you download.

Stick around for the postcard version of this photoshop template. Also free! Coming soon...

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Santa Claus is coming to town. Merry Christmas.

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