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gtemplates has so far: - free photoshop templates And they are all happy!

This is like an unlimited bank account of free templates. Download any of the Photoshop Psd Templates for FREE. I have flyers, logos, covers, posters, brochures, layouts, pages, invitations, cards, tickets, pre-made artwork and many more.

This Is Our World!

Are you making a difference? Our planet seems increasingly fragile and we should do more to save it.
Here is a free (like the usual) photoshop template for you to make your own and edit as you wish.
Click on the image to see a larger picture and if you like it you can download. The template has nice colors which you can change, you can move and edit the elements, also the text, the effects
I invite you to join the community before you download.
(this is template 99)
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